Friday, 28 October 2016

How's Your Skull !


For centuries skulls have appeared in art, in order to convey a moral message or meaning. The skull implies numerous meanings and symbolism making it a strong fashion statement with universal appeal.

"The skull can also symbolise toughness, bravery and defiance."

Firstly and traditionally the skull represents death and mortality however in ancient societies it was believed that it actually symbolised consciousness and life. The skull has also been used to represent those who had once been living, with it being associated with the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead in which those who are deceased are celebrated.

The skull can also symbolise toughness, bravery and defiance making it a strong and iconic image. We at Dogstone London love all the different symbolism behind the skull and that is why it’s a firm favourite within our collection.

Recently we created a stunning skull ring in collaboration with Ace, the very talented lead guitarist from the world famous Skunk Ananasie. The unique and stunning design featured his signature "Ace of Spades" in 24k Gold and contained an astounding 58 grams of solid sterling silver proving this to be a statement piece of jewellery built to last for eternity.


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