Friday, 30 May 2014

Whats In Your Bag?

(Photo via: http://whats-n-yourbag.tumblr.com)

Timbuk2 make messenger bags. People like Timbuk2's messenger bags, so much so that Timbuk2 started a brilliant site where marketing meets customers, with hugely intriguing results.

“A glimpse into the unknown...”

It poses the simply question, 'what's in your bag?', with fascinating results. An homage to those shots where the contents of a bag is neatly laid out for all to see, there's some delightful looks into the everyday that make it hard to look away from – it's so addictive you just want to keep scrolling for more.

The company itself was started by a San Francisco bike messenger in 1989, and this site reflects the same sort of homegrown ethos – it's just images of normal people with normal stuff. Well, I say normal, when you find pictures of people's 'must haves' and they're some kind of weapon, that's a weird sight to UK eyes.
I personally really like the ones that are shot on a dirty carpet or hectic bedspread, they make it feel so authentic, peoples' lives laid out for all to see.

You should go and check out the site here at whatsinyourbag.com and you'll probably be inspired to do your own.

There's a lot of other sites around that do the same sort of thing too, unaffiliated with a bag company, and I really like this Tumblr, which covers any kind of bag you can imagine.

Maybe we'll do a few Dogstone bag exposés, then if you guys like the idea, you can send us yours too. Let us know what you think.

You can see the full Dr. Marten brogue collection here.

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