Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homegrown heroes

Left: Hiut Denim Right: P & Co Clothing

At Dogstone, we love a good homegrown brand that exudes the same kind of characteristics as we do, so to recently discover not only one but two that are doing great things is nourishment for our souls.

First up, Hiut Denim. These guys are resurrecting the fallen jeans industry that used to operate in Cardigan Bay before it was their doorstep, and as such have a huge resource of highly skilled jeans makers back right where they should be: making jeans.

“These guys are resurrecting the fallen jeans industry”

The story itself is a beautiful tale, but the jeans they make are even more so. Cut to one of three of their own patterns, and made from either raw or selvedge denim, Hiut jeans are honestly the best made that we've ever worn.

And if you're into the whole raw denim wearing-in process, these jeans work in amazingly, with the first wash being a reward in itself.
If you're a denim nerd, or even someone who just loves a bloody good pair of jeans, then you'd be doing yourself a disservice not to check these out.

Then secondly, from our UK must-have brand list, is P&Co Clothing. They were first brought to our attention via the tattooed and beared ├╝ber model, Ricki Hall, who then followed his association with a hook-up line all of his own, called the Slick Rick's Collection.

These guys have a brand and they know how to use it, from awesomely printed t-shirts to a hair-on-hide Lucifer rucksack, they're committed to putting out only high quality goods – much like Dogstone!

If you're looking for something a little bit different from the ordinary, with an ethos worth shouting about, then either of these two will be worth your while to stop by.

Hit up the links above for their sites, or stop by their Twitters: @hiutdenim and @pandcoclothing.

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