Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mission Impossible.

Courtesy of Shaw Speed and Custom

Motorbikes, I've seen quite alot of motorbikes in my time, but I must admit I've never really seen something quite like this. A custom built softail bike for a private client of Shaw Speed and Customs named Mission Impossible. It's F*cking sexy! The brief? it needed to look "Badass", a request stated by their client.

“It's F*cking sexy!”

This is Range Rover meets Harley-Davidson. The bike was built in 8 weeks, which was an extremely tough challenge that the team at Shaw Speed and Custom beat.

Mission Impossible gained its name on the back of the short build time, 8 weeks, one of the shortest lead time the Team had ever taken on.

Donor bike: Harley-Davidson Rocker C

The donor bike chosen for this build was a Rocker C. the main reasons for this was because the standard frame has the space to accommodate a 300mm rear wheel to be fitted and suited the big back end look.

We think it looks real F*cking Badass and thats why we've chosen to share it with you. Enjoy Guys.

For more information, checkout the official Shaw Speed & Custom website here.

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