Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mission Impossible.

Courtesy of Shaw Speed and Custom

Motorbikes, I've seen quite alot of motorbikes in my time, but I must admit I've never really seen something quite like this. A custom built softail bike for a private client of Shaw Speed and Customs named Mission Impossible. It's F*cking sexy! The brief? it needed to look "Badass", a request stated by their client.

“It's F*cking sexy!”

This is Range Rover meets Harley-Davidson. The bike was built in 8 weeks, which was an extremely tough challenge that the team at Shaw Speed and Custom beat.

Mission Impossible gained its name on the back of the short build time, 8 weeks, one of the shortest lead time the Team had ever taken on.

Donor bike: Harley-Davidson Rocker C

The donor bike chosen for this build was a Rocker C. the main reasons for this was because the standard frame has the space to accommodate a 300mm rear wheel to be fitted and suited the big back end look.

We think it looks real F*cking Badass and thats why we've chosen to share it with you. Enjoy Guys.

For more information, checkout the official Shaw Speed & Custom website here.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

187 ideas for your paid holiday

Courtesy of Zapatou
“I’m bored”. Probably the two most commonly combined words in the English dictionary that form a legitimate sentence.

“March down to the HR department”

I often hear a plethora of people exclaim this all the time and it often makes me think. Why are a large sample of the population out there so easily bored? Is it because we have evolved into the next generation of human beings that just seem to lack attention span?

But then again, isn’t it only boring people that get bored? I certainly agree, in my opinion, that this is the case and if this is the case, well then people need to just stop being boring and start living.

Here’s a video with 187 people who aren’t bored or boring and also 187 reasons why you need to march down to your HR department right now and rightfully claim your paid holiday to go break a bone or two.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The cat's out the bag

Courtesy of Jaguar

The devil is in the detail, a phrase that has never been more accurate, unless that is, if you are applying it to the brand new Jaguar F-Type. F for Fast and F for F**k you.

"The devil is in the detail"

If you’re looking for something that would wipe that smug smile off the face of a Porche Boxter driver then this is not the car for you.

This is a car that will absolutely decimate the ability to feel any emotional feeling in a Porche Boxter driver. You would simply make them wish they were deaf, as the sound of the growl is so alluring it’d make them want to park their car up on the hard shoulder and hitch a ride in yours.

If you don’t believe me, well I have a video to prove it.