Tuesday, 6 August 2013

187 ideas for your paid holiday

Courtesy of Zapatou
“I’m bored”. Probably the two most commonly combined words in the English dictionary that form a legitimate sentence.

“March down to the HR department”

I often hear a plethora of people exclaim this all the time and it often makes me think. Why are a large sample of the population out there so easily bored? Is it because we have evolved into the next generation of human beings that just seem to lack attention span?

But then again, isn’t it only boring people that get bored? I certainly agree, in my opinion, that this is the case and if this is the case, well then people need to just stop being boring and start living.

Here’s a video with 187 people who aren’t bored or boring and also 187 reasons why you need to march down to your HR department right now and rightfully claim your paid holiday to go break a bone or two.

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